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Selected Health and Science Articles

Selected Health & Science Articles

Talal Zari

Common household chemicals might harm brain health

Brain connectivity patterns differ between pre-term and full-term babies

New wound healing study produces full-thickness human bioprinted skin

Inflammation discovery might slow aging and prevent age-associated diseases

Preventing tumor growth by eliminating extra chromosomes in cancer cells

Bowhead whales might have a cancer-resisting superpower: DNA repair

Most Americans want products without harmful chemicals

The circadian clock affects cell growth, metabolism and tumor progression

A rhythmic microbiome of the small intestine inhibits obesity and type 2 diabetes

Excessive self-confidence may put health at risk among older Europeans

Importance of forests in reducing global warming

The appropriate lighting supports healthy body rhythms

Secretin hormone activates satiation by triggering brown fat

?How much oxygen does the brain require

Fatty meal silences gut's communication with the body

New pathway that controls fat production

A New Approach to Treating Hair Loss

Genes influence where fat is stored in our bodies

Serotonin may control gene expression within neurons

Weight-bearing exercises enhance bone health in men

Short Spurts Of Exercise Boost Brain Function

Genetic Variations Cause Diabetes

Simple Mental Activities May Help Aging Brains Stay Healthy

Even Low-Level Radioactivity Is Harmful

Exercise Is Good For Body And Mind

Phthalates In Personal Care Products May Increase Diabetes In Women

Coral Bleaching

Exercise Decreases Nerve Pain

Reducing Skin Cancer by Surgical Removal of Abdominal Fat

Discovering Different Mechanisms of Pain

Developing Means to Detect Low-Level Exposure to Seafood Toxin in Marine Animals

Decreased Reward Learning As You Age.. Blame Your White Matter

Antibiotics Often Effective In Place Of Appendicectomy

Two Proteins Coordinately Regulate The Circadian Clock And Metabolism

Cruciferous Vegetables May Improve Breast Cancer Survival

Cloves Protect The Heart, Liver And Eye Lens

School Children Select Foods Containing More Saturated Fat And Energy


The Health Benefits And Risks Of Cycling

Brain Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

Toxic Side Effects of Pharmaceuticals

Brain Atrophy Associated With Cognitive Decline in Diabetes

Insomnia Linked To Heart Failure

Low Protein Diet May Delay Alzheimer's

Herbs to Treat Postmenopausal Symptoms

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